TaquerEATa - Lahaina, HI

The most dangerous time of day for an SE is known as the hangry tipping point - having held out for hours in search of that perfect meal, hunger and desperation take over and all SE standards go out the window.

The Sophisticated Eater found itself rapidly approaching said tipping point after spending hours hitting the streets of downtown Lahaina with no rations and a relentless sun.

Remembering a small parking lot with previously overlooked, mildly interesting, food trucks, The SE put foot to pavement.

Upon arrival, The SE was immediately drawn to a domed silver trailer whose sign boasted of build-your-own-tacos in remarkably even and stylized script. Ice cold water and tacos? Sold. 

The SE ordered a Choose 2 with egg and black beans for $2.50 - feeling like a big shot, The SE threw on avocado for an additional 50 cents.

Taking a seat in a teal lawn chair, The SE savored the shade provided by a nearby umbrella. Realizing how glorious this momentary respite felt after hours under an unyielding sun, The SE was reluctant to get back up when beckoned by the chef.

After mustering the energy to move, The SE was pleasantly surprised after pulling a generously portioned taco out of the paper bag. Peeling back the tinfoil, The SE took in the sight of freshly cut avocado nestled inside of a mound of black beans and scrambled eggs. Noticing that two corn masa tortillas had been provided as a base, The SE wondered if this had been purposefully done to decrease taco mushy-ness (a highly technical term to describe a taco whose innards fall out of its shell and becomes a pile of mush in the eater's hands).

The SE took a bit of the taco and confirmed this suspicion. The second masa tortilla captured its toppings perfectly, providing the perfect contrast to its soft middle. The black beans were well-seasoned but did not overpower the eggs and avocado. Small dunks into the freshly made pico de gallo, cilantro chimchurri, and salsa verde rounded out the taco pefectly.

Having not been prepared for this level of taco, The SE looked over longingly as other eaters picked up orders containing multiple tacos from the window. Clearly others had known this was not a one-taco truck. A bit sheepishly, The SE turned back towards the window and ordered another for the road.

The taquerEATa food truck is open Sunday-Friday from 8:00am - 2:00pm at 737 Waine'e Street.

Pinky's up, fellow SE's!

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