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Sen Organic Small Plate - Richmond, VA

The Sophisticated Eater was found in Richmond, Virginia's capitol, to participate in the wedding of a beloved friend. The wedding was beautiful but post-celebration, The SE's attention was focused on more immediate concerns, such as: Where to eat? What to eat? Does Richmond have dairy-free/vegan-ish options? These questions were soon answered by a resounding yes. Nestled in the Carytown fan district lies a glorious little Vietnamese fusion establishment called Sen Organic Small Plate. This boho spot is bright and tidy, with just a touch of trendy. An industrial-chic garage door window swings opens to reveal a line of open-air bar seating that evokes feelings of tranquility and oneness with nature (cue car horns blaring down the street). The SE ordered an organic iced *vegan* cocoa at the register and picked up a menu. The SE mosied over to nearby table for deliberations. This being a Vietnamese joint, there were no expectations of grandeur, but mon dieu! What is this? More th

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