Vegan Treats Bakery - Bethlehem, PA

The Sophisticated Eater was found at the DC VegFest, the East Coast's largest vegan festival which is held annually at The Yards Park. The day began overcast, dreary, with a side of rain. Disappointed at the thought of the probable low turnout at the event, The SE sighed and began the process of bundling up before beginning the soggy journey into the city. Weather be damned, The SE was determined to at least do a quick lap to check out all the vendors before heading back to the comfort of a worn-down couch and Netflix.

The SE was not alone in this thought. Upon arrival, The SE was impressed by the large gathering of fellow eaters that had also descended upon a small parking lot adjacent to the Nationals Ballpark in their best waterproof gear. The vendor offerings were impressively diverse, from vegan dippin' dots (yes, in the spirit of those dots!) to vegan soul food, the spread was expansive.

Naturally though, The SE gravitated towards the vendor booth with the longest and most oversaturated line. The line wound around the booth, past a neighboring tent, alongside the port-a-johns before beginning out of sight ten booths down. Upon closer inspection, The SE realized this wasn't any old line; this was a line to Vegan Treats Bakery from Bethlehem, PA. As in the vegan bakery whose cannoli's The SE had been drooling over for months. 

The wait was agonizing. The SE watched in fear as eater after eater walked by with huge boxes full of maybe the last cannoli of the day!! The knot that had been slowly building up in The SE's stomach began to dissipate once the table came into view and revealed mounds of cannoli's still standing at the ready.

An excruciating hour and a half later, The SE finally had six vegan cannoli's in hand. Hand shaking, The SE picked up a delicate pastry and took a bite of the long awaited prize.

The shell was crispy yet provided a substantial bite that was oh-so-satisfying. The filling was creamy, light, and delicious despite the absence of the cannoli's signature ricotta cheese. Tiny chocolate chips dotted each end and were sprinkled throughout the filling, though The SE felt more chips were definitely warranted through the filling as a whole (more chocolate is always an excellent idea).

The SE regained composure post-feral cannoli eating session just as the sun peeked out from behind the clouds. All was right again in the world.

Glorious, glorious cannoli's

 The "chicken" and waffle donut, supposedly their most popular item

Vegan Treats Bakery is open daily from 10:00am - 9:00pm and 10:00am - 10:00pm on Saturday & Sunday at 1444 Linden Street in Bethlehem, PA.

Pinky's up, fellow SE's!

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