The Sophisticated Eater: In the Air

The Sophisticated Eater found itself stranded today 39k+ feet in the air inside of a large, confined metal tube, which begs the question: what does The SE chow down on when going out somewhere is simply not an option?

Basic criteria - it must be small, compact, and meet TSA guidelines. Obviously, anything viscous or leaky is immediately disqualified.

The SE prefers easy to pack snacks that will keep one satieted, but will leave enough room for a full meal later on. For this reason, most of The SE's go-to travel snacks are high-ish in protein that also meet SE snack standards. Here's what was found in The SE's carry-on today:

  • Coconut Chocolate by RX Bar - The SE has searched high and low and the RX bar is the (current) fairest in all the land. 12g of protein, half the sugar than other bars, no fillers yet fulfilling and tasty. The SE particularly recommends the Coconut Chocolate for the cacao and almond chunks.
  • Raw Organic Protein by Garden of Life - Self-contained, compact, and an easy meal on the go that will keep you from going hangry on your fellow travelers, Some stores sell juice box-sized almond milk (Unsweetened Almond Breeze, obviously) for easy protein shake-ing, but water will also do in a pinch. The SE can confirm that it is not as tasty nor as fulfilling as almond milk though.
  • Raw Whole Almonds - See the trend here? Unsalted whole almonds are The SE's go-to snack on the go. Want to make it an opulent snacking event? Grab some Justin's honey almond butter packets and squeeze onto almonds for an over-the-top snacking event.
  • *Honeycrisp Apple - An apple by any other name is simply not an apple. The SE has yet to meet a subpar honeycrisp. Other varieties get too mealy,  tart, or bruised.
  • Vegan Aged White Cheddar Popcorn by Earth Balance - A dairy-free alternative to the Smartfood popcorn of your youth; The SE can confirm that yes, it is delicious, and yes, it is completely possible to pack a 7oz bag of popcorn in your carry on. Trick of the trade: open the bag and compress to let out all the air. Roll the bag and secure with rubber band.
  • Mint Melange Caffeine-Free Tea by Mighty Leaf - Uneasy stomach? The SE loves Mighty Leaf's mint melange for the mild mint-citrus soothing power it delivers to a queasy stomach without the caffeine or jitters. Enhance its powers by adding a squeeze of lemon. 

*not pictured

Pinky's up, fellow SE's!

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